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Evoca Group is a leading multinational company in the out-of-home coffee machine sector, providing comprehensive range of coffee machines and payment solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca, OCS and Vending markets.

Andrea Zocchi, CEO

The Whole World Of Coffee, On Your Own Doorstep

Evoca Group's international and continuing success is the result of a single-minded attitude to business: every decision taken by the group is designed to surpass the expectations of customers. The ability to predict customer requirements in a constantly evolving marketplace - and to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities incumbent in change - is the cornerstone of our predominant presence in our chosen market sectors.

Evoca Group speaks your language. It has to be that way: intimate knowledge of individual markets is a prerequisite for success. We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our after-sales services, spare parts provision and the continuous training of technicians. Customers also enjoy the facilities of on-line ordering, prompt delivery and consignment tracking.

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Headquartered in Italy (Valbrembo - Bergamo), Evoca has a global presence with nine production sites. Our products are used in more than 140 countries. Whatever your taste in coffee, whatever your expectations, wherever you are in the world – Evoca Group is your perfect partner. Evoca Group's success is built on the bedrock of long standing relationships with a wide range of customers with whom we have enjoyed mutually beneficial relationships over many years, thanks to the dedication of our sales force, which consists of staff members who possess an intimate knowledge of individual customers and their particular requirements.